April 19, 2016

Staying Happy and Healthy with Dickies Girl

Here at Dickies Girl, we like to look good while staying active. Our new line features plenty of options for working out. Our jogger pant is great for a light jog, yoga, or pilates. Our sports bras are perfect to wear just as a top or to layer under our simple racerback tank. They're soft, comfortable and practical.


  1. Get outside! Find a local beach and instead of just laying out. Play a little volleyball, take a bike ride or a short jog. All are great ways to spend time with your friends and get a little cardio. Don't worry -- you can still catch those sun rays while staying active. 
  2. Stay hydrated! Throughout the day, coffee and soda are easy to grab and keep you alert but sugary drinks can dehydrate you. If you're more hydrated, you're less likely to be tired and you won't need the extra caffeine later. Even if you add just an extra couple of cups of water a day to your routine, trust us, you'll notice a difference.
  3. Diversify your food! Try eating something from all of the different food groups everyday. There are fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals, dairy, and lean meats. By covering all of the bases, you’re ensuring that your body receives many different vitamins necessary to keep your body healthy.

4. Speaking of eating healthy, replace your evening carbs with quinoa instead of eating potatoes or rice with dinner. It's healthy protein and eating lighter in the evening will help you sleep better. 

5. Commit to a strict sleeping schedule! Eight hours of sleep every night can help you maintain a healthy body weight, reduce signs of aging, and feel energized and de-stressed the next day. Do your best to get into a sleep routine that works for you and you’ll notice the difference in just a few days.

6. Try new kinds of workouts to change up your routine. Take spinning, high intensity interval training, or a boxing class. Often we get stuck in a rut and do the same workout, which leaves us bored and certain muscles can get left out. Changing up your routine challenges your body and you can continue to try something new. 

7. Make it a social event! Find someone that will hike with you on a regular basis or take a yoga class with you on the weekend. Having someone to motivate you and keep you on a schedule makes things so much more fun!

We hope you enjoyed our seven simple tips for staying happy and healthy! Dickies Girl loves to keep you moving and keep you stylish while you do it! 

All products will be available soon on DickiesGirl.com

Sleep Better in Dickies

You do your best work when you're well rested! But it's hard to be well rested when everyone is so busy and there is so much to do in a day! We know how it goes: you have the TV on and then you're checking your phone to catch up on the latest Instagrams and Snapchats and the next thing you know it's way later than you realized. We're guilty of it too, but here are some ways to help you sleep longer and better.

1. Wind down early. Give yourself time to relax before bed. Turn your phone on silent, shut off electronics or anything that will be disturbing or distracting. It's easy to start scrolling and get caught up in it. Put it down -- it'll be there in the morning.

2. Eat a smaller meal in the evenings. Eating larger meals in evening wakes up your metabolism which can keep you from having a sound sleep.

3. Clear your head. Read a book, write in a journal, or find a hobby that's soothing and low-key. Doing an easy activity that relaxes you and your mind helps you fall asleep faster.

4. Make yourself and your environment cozy. Changing into something comfy like the Dickies Girl raglan pullover paired with our flare lounge pants. They'll ensure a full night's sleep. It's a lightweight, super soft option which can make a world of difference in your sleep.


All product will be available soon on DickiesGirl.com

Dickies Girl at MAGIC!


Dickies Girl in Vegas! 

Showing off our new collection that includes denim, plaids, and underwear! There are plenty of new pieces to check out this season! But don't worry, we still have our traditional favorites, too. People from over 120 countries around the world attend MAGIC! Since 1933, MAGIC has been establishing what the world will be wearing next and we were so happy to be a part of it! 


On Tuesday morning, MAGIC was buzzing with excitement with exhibitors, bloggers, and attendees ready to get started. It was a quick set up with our giveaway notebooks, catalogs, and denim booklets. It was so exciting showing off our new street wear and denim! We can't wait to see how you wear your Dickies. 


We hope you enjoyed our little sneak peak into what is coming for Dickies Girl! There are so many new pieces you'll love that are versatile and fun for whatever adventures you have coming up this summer! 

Available soon on DickiesGirl.com 

Dickies Girl at the 2015 BET Awards

We were really excited when we got asked to provide Dickies Girl tops and pants for the incredible female backup dancers performing in the Kendrick Lamar opening number at this year’s BET Awards.

We filled a car with Dickies Girl product and rushed to Downtown LA’s Microsoft Theater at L.A. Live for fittings.

While the prop masters were working on the set pieces, 

the costume designer got the dancers laced up in khakis and button-down shirts.

Then it was time for dress rehearsals.

The dancers ran though the entire performance at least a dozen times without lyrics, breaking it down beat by beat until they nailed it. Then suddenly we heard Kendrick Lamar rhyming and he appeared for the final run through!

The following day, we were back at the theater. The energy was high and the dancers were fired up.

The stage was set and it was show time. We watched Kendrick Lamar’s mesmerizing performance of his anthem “Alright” from the control room.

When it was all said and done, Kendrick Lamar and his TDE team had brought the crowd to their feet with the best performance of the night! Dickies Girl thanks Kendrick Lamar, BET and most of all Dandri Designs for bringing us in on such a great event! If you haven’t peeped the performance, you can check it out here:

April 06, 2015

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History Of Dickies

Although Dickies Girl was founded in 2002, the Williamson Dickies brand has been around since 1922.

Originally producing overalls, Williamson Dickies weathered the storms of the Great Depression and manufactured millions of uniforms for the U.S. Armed Forces. While America’s men were fighting on the front lines, women picked up the tools and the workwear and went to work in factories.

With a proven record of durability, comfort and fit, Dickies pioneered modern workwear and was the brand of choice fore servicemen returning to the workforce.

In the early ‘60’s, Dickies introduced unisex peg pants and partnered with RIT Dye, so that the wearers could die the pants any color. Talk about an early DIY upcycle!

 Having already taken over workwear and uniforms, Dickies headed back to school and took over the campus with stylish everyday basics.

In the ‘70’s and ‘80’s the brand expanded to include denim, brought back overalls and, as women were becoming a huge part of the workforce, they began making clothes designed and cut for a woman’s body.


By the late ‘80’s Dickies had become a staple of underground Latino street culture and were embraced by men and women alike. With the hair and make-up of a vintage pin-up and her outfit pulled from her brother’s closet, Cholas ruled the world with their sharp creased Dickies.

Affordable, durable, and stylish, Dickies were also adopted by skaters, rockers, and artists. Workwear filtered into the mainstream and became a huge trend in the ‘90’s thanks in no small part to style icons like Drew Barrymore and No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani.

In her baggy Dickies and cropped tank tops, no one embodied the ‘90’s Dickies aesthetic more than Gwen. She rocked khaki Dickies on No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” album cover and customized blues in the video. Then a decade later she revitalized the trend, wearing classic brown Dickies in her “Bananas” video.

Dickies Girl was born out of necessity. Girls wanted their own Dickies, cut for their bodies and designed to look and feel great. In 2002 Dickies Girl launched with a decidedly feminine take on heritage workwear, with form fitting silhouettes that were instant classics.

Today the number of girls in the U.S. workforce has skyrocketed and Dickies Girl has their everyday staples covered. We’re going beyond the basics and expanding to include denim, knits, leisure, athletic and underwear, all with the same fit, comfort and style you rely on us for. Welcome to the future!